MT-200 between Grass Range and Jordan

Road Conditions:

Road conditions as of 10:00 AM MDT on Tuesday, May 31 are as follows: dry. Actual road conditions may vary from this report. Motorists are cautioned to be alert to changing conditions.


Rest areas along this highway segment are: open eastbound at 24 miles east of Junction Montana Secondary 244-Winnett (services available include handicapped accessible).


The forecast until 4:00 PM MDT on Tuesday, May 31: Skies will be partly cloudy becoming partly clear. Visibility will be five miles changing to ten miles. There will be continuous light rain changing to scattered very light rain. Winds will be 11 mph gusting to 38 mph from the northwest changing to 9 mph gusting to 31 mph from the north-northwest. Temperatures will range from 36 to 68 F changing to 42 to 80 F.