US-89 between Junction US 2 at Browning and US Customs and Canadian International Border

Road Conditions:

Road conditions as of 10:30 PM MDT on Friday, March 16 are as follows: fog and dry, road closed due to road conditions including scattered slush, and dry. Actual road conditions may vary from this report. Motorists are cautioned to be alert to changing conditions.


There is an incident affecting travel between 5 miles north of Junction Montana 49 South-Kiowa and 0.25 mile south of Saint Mary (travelers can expect a road closure).


The following construction project is in effect: clearing and grubbing between 2.25 miles south and 2.25 miles north of Junction Montana 49 South-Kiowa including reduced speed limited to 35 MPH.


The forecast until 4:00 AM MDT on Saturday, March 17: Skies will be overcast becoming mostly cloudy. Visibility will be five miles in haze changing to two miles. There will be widely scattered very light freezing rain. Winds will be calm changing to 5 mph from the north-northwest. Temperatures will range from 26 to 30 F.