US-89 between Junction US 2 at Browning and US Customs and Canadian International Border

Road Conditions:

Road conditions as of 1:30 AM MDT on Monday, April 24 are as follows: wet with the following exception - falling snow between Junction Montana 49 South-Kiowa and US Customs and Canadian International Border. Actual road conditions may vary from this report. Motorists are cautioned to be alert to changing conditions.


The following construction project is in effect: rumble strip maintenance including delays up to 15 minutes and reduced speed limited to 35 MPH (travelers can expect traffic controlled by signal lights and a pilot car in use).


The forecast until 7:00 AM MDT on Monday, April 24: Skies will be overcast becoming partly clear. Visibility will be ten miles. No precipitation is expected. Winds will be 8 mph from the west changing to 11 mph from the west-southwest. Temperatures will range from 35 to 39 F.